My mission is to teach you to understand your skin so that you can always look and feel amazing!

With over 15 years in the beauty industry Tricia Utley is a highly sought after skincare coach. She was inspired to become a Licensed Esthetician while working as a makeup artist. She saw the beauty in all of her clients and noticed that many women didn’t know just how beautiful they are. It was through her work with Aveda where she learned how powerful providing services focused on the mind, body and spirit connection is for the health of the skin, and was inspired to pursue a professional education in skincare so that she could help people in a more meaningful way.

In the past 8 years as a licensed esthetician Tricia completed a certificate in Advanced Esthetics (600 hours) at The Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics and has voraciously continued her education. She attends industry conferences routinely and holds many certificates in professional development such as: anti-aging and hyper-pigmentation techniques, acne, rosacea and sensitized skin, the brain skin connection, skin diseases and disorders, advanced peels, microneedling, dermaplaning, LED light therapy, microcurrent, ingredient knowledge, advanced waxing including advanced brow design and brazilian waxing, oncology esthetics, lymphatic and acupressure therapies, reflex-point and Chinese face mapping. Tricia also has a passion for women's health and is currently pursuing studies to better understand how our health impacts skin related issues. 

In addition to pursuing education, Tricia has educated other estheticians as part of the instructor staff at the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics and mentors newly licensed estheticians. She has also been interviewed on the blog Young and Raw.

Tricia specializes in whole health and longevity skincare. Her approach is different. Balance the skin, reduce inflammation and feed the skin. She simplifies and demystifies skincare for you and utilizes creative forward-thinking techniques and safe, effective, revolutionary skincare to help her clients look healthy and vibrant at any age. For instance, she has developed a signature approach that aligns mind, body, and spirit to support beautiful skin. In your treatment, you will be balanced in a warm comfortable setting while she customizes a results-oriented, stress-relieving treatment just for you. She uses cutting edge techniques and revolutionary ingredients to achieve the skin of your dreams!

She believes that your skin knows what to do if you give it the nutrition and environment it needs to thrive. Clients seek her help because they have struggled with adult acne, red irritated skin, dark spots and lines and sagging skin. They lead super busy lives and have tried almost everything. They are frustrated with breakouts and spots and want results. She has helped many women with the transformation to healthy, vibrant and glowing skin. Tricia also believes in teaching women that taking care of themselves (sometimes before others) isn’t just about skincare and beauty, but about living a healthy life. Practicing self-care with intent, compassion, gratitude and self-love is essential so that they can provide amazing support to their loved ones and the community.

Brow correction is another passion of hers. She loves correcting sparse, un-shapen brows and the look on her clients faces when they first see their new design.

"Together we can discover what is the root cause of your skin condition and develop a plan for optimal skin health!" What you will find at American Apothecary Skin is a skin coach who not only works to improve your skin, but a trusted expert who will teach you all that you need to know about skin health and who will support you inside and outside of the treatment room. Please feel free to write or call me with your skincare questions. I look forward to earning your business!"

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