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Facial Bar
The skin is an amazing organ and with all of the stresses of daily life it's no wonder it is just as overwhelmed as you are! Environmental toxins, toxic home and beauty care products, diet and stress do a number on the body and our skin is where that stress gets communicated. Each person is unique and there is no one-size fits all approach to finding a skincare solution. The facial bar was created to provide a unique customized approach to skincare. We use a bioenergetic/science based approach with lots of cool tech to solve your biggest skincare concerns. Your skin is trying to send you a message of what you need to balance your body and mind. We will work together to get to the root and create permanent change in the skin. We are already under stress, why add more stress by burning, peeling your skin? You will leave your appointment looking and feeling great and better yet without any downtime!

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Brow Designory
A well-groomed brow is like an instant eye lift! Services range from a Brow Design to a Signature Beautiful Brow (which is a brow design and tint) all the way to a Signature Eyelift (brow design, brow tint, lash tint and microcurrent eye lift). All brow services include a lip treatment and education on styling and brow makeup. Many have commented that the service is so relaxing they could fall asleep. How is that for a service that basically rips hair out of your face from the root!

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Whether you are in for a brow fix or the works you will feel rejuvenated in this little retreat in the heart of downtown!

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